Architectural Approval Requests, Gate Access, Color Schemes

Please remember to submit an Architectural Modification Form to Property Management before having any exterior work done on your home(s). Forms can be requested from and are available on the Property Company website. Homeowners must receive HOA approval before commencing any work. Regardless of the City of Pembroke Pines permitting the work to begin, Homeowners must also have an approved Architectural Modification Form. Homeowners will find the requirements for “Architectural Control for Exterior Changes” in the HOA Governing Documents (see Master Declaration, p. 11-13 | 5.1-5.13).

Gate Access is via the Envera system. Submit Application Forms to the Management Company

Use your MyEnvera login to register visitors, vendors and family members for community access

This system offers residents the capability to manage their guests online, receive notifications when visitors arrive and receive email and text messages. Please register the phone numbers that Security Guards will use to notify you when your visitors arrive. Be sure to select the notification option you want, for example, phone call or text message.

PSCA Home Painting
Refer to the local Sherwin Williams Branch


Master Declaration, Articles and Amendments